Why Choose Artificial Wedding Flowers


Artificial Wedding Flowers

Making the decision to have artificial flowers can be a big one. For many brides this can mean going against the wishes of family members and also the preconceived idea that fresh is best. But there are many situations when fresh is not the best option, including:

  • Seasonal availably: Not all flowers are available throughout the year. If you have your heart set on one flower type this can be hard to achieve in fresh flowers.
  • Weather: Getting married in the Australian summer can mean dealing with high temperatures, causing flowers to wilt and not look the best in the photos.
  • Remote location: An idyllic beach may be nice, but if the nearest florist is miles away fresh can be difficult to get and they may not be fresh by the time they get to you!! Country weddings and sites remote from civilisation will definitely be easier without the worries of fresh flowers to take care of.
  • Cost: This is a big one. We do lots of flowers for brides getting married in resorts. The flowers on the islands can be very expensive.
  • Date: If you are getting married anytime around Valentine’s Day or Mothers day florists are run off their feet and flowers are scarce, so the cost of the flowers goes up.

The positive reasons for using artificial wedding flowers..........

  • You get your flowers well before the wedding. No unwanted surprises means less stress on the day.
  • You get to make changes, if the bouquets do not look right. We do them with enough lead time to allow for this.
  • You get to keep them as a lasting memory, and so does your bridal party.
  • Our flowers are always in season.
  • Artificial flowers are no longer the silk fabric flowers of old with frayed edges, they mimic the real flowers in feel and look. (Real touch). We had a wedding planner mistakenly put our flowers in the fridge to keep them fresh!
  • Our flowers won’t bruise and discolour, they will look great all day.
  • If you or your partner have allergies our flowers are a great option.
  • Chinese and other cultures sometimes have to get married twice – one western, one traditional. You can use our flowers at both. Try doing that with fresh flowers!
  • Getting married overseas? Take your flowers with you rather than relying on the recommendation of third cousin Enzo. You won’t have to worry about your preferences being lost in translation.