What Shape Bouquet Will Suit Me


Choosing the Right Bouquet

Choosing the right bouquet can be hard. You should consider your body shape, the dress and the wedding styling.

You really want a bouquet that will complement you and the overall tone of your wedding and not take over. Here comes the bride, not the flowers! Don’t get me wrong, I love flowers and I want my flowers to look great at your wedding, but I am well aware that you may have paid thousands for the right dress and even if you haven’t, you and your partner should be the focus, not your bouquet.

I have listed some tips below and attached a few photos. At the end of the day the decision is yours, and it is all about the look you want to create.

Cluster Posy – Can be formal, or have a looser more natural look. This is probably the most adaptable of all the designs as the size can easily be altered to suit both full figured brides and petite brides. Keep the width of the flowers smaller than your waist, but don’t go too small. You want about 1.5 cm of waist showing on each side - if the bouquet is too small it can make your hips look bigger. It is also important to remember this for your bridesmaids, you need to give them smaller bouquets than the one you are carrying, but too small can make larger girls look bigger. You may want to cut costs by going small but try to be fair and make everyone look good!

Styling-wise you can make a posy formal or informal to suit any wedding.


Cascade or Trailing Bouquet - Will work well with a larger dress. This design will suit a romantic wedding, although this bouquet may over power anything slinky or close-fitting. This is a great design for full figured brides as the length and size can make you look slimmer! Don’t we all want that? This is not the best choice for shorter brides as it may crowd out your dress and you.


Teardrop – Will work well for petite and shorter brides as it will provide length and line and not be overpowering like a larger cascade bouquet. Teardrops are also good for brides with a fuller figure as they can elongate to help slim, and work well with fuller ball gowns.

A teardrop is a more formal choice and will suit a more formal setting.


Arm-spray – This style of bouquet can be carried across the arm or held to trail down the dress. Arm sprays work well with a slim fitting gown and can provide a wonderful line. This style is also really good if your dress has a feature on the front panels that you don’t want to cover. Lily’s and orchids work really well in arm sprays - very elegant. This bouquet will highlight your arms so if they are not your best feature it may be best to go with another choice.

An arm-spray is an elegant choice and can be very simple; they can also be created in a more flowing style to have that ‘just picked out of the garden’ look.


Body Shapes

 Hourglass (Shoulders in proportion with hips, defined waist, curved bust and bottom, you wear the same size top and bottom)

Best Bouquet Choice: Any shape will suit.

Bouquets to Avoid: The choice is yours - nothing to avoid.


 Full Hourglass (Bigger thighs, fuller bottom and hips, small waist, fuller bust)

Best Bouquet Choice: Larger posies, long and full bouquets such as teardrop or cascade. Look for flow and length.

Bouquets to Avoid: Smaller bouquets as these will draw attention to your top and bottom and make you appear larger.


 Pear (Defined waist, larger hips and thighs, narrower shoulders than hips, wear larger size bottom than top)

Best Bouquet Choice: Longer stemmed bouquets like arm-sprays, which are carried on the diagonal.

Bouquets to Avoid: Bouquets that draw the eye downward such as teardrops and cascade.


Inverted Triangle (Square solid shoulder line, flatter hips and bottom, wider shoulder than hips, wear larger size on the top than bottom)

Best Bouquet Choice: Medium or large posies to create balancing mass lower on the body.

Bouquets to Avoid: Small, or long and straight bouquets, which accentuate your thinner hips and broaden your shoulders.


Slim Long Frame (Same size top as bottom, small bust, little waist definition, narrow hips and small bottom)

Best Bouquet Choice: Don’t go too big. Small to medium will be best, a posy, small teardrop or cascade bouquet.

Bouquets to Avoid: Medium to large teardrops or cascades, as they may overpower you.


Rectangle (A solid square frame, same size top and bottom, small bust, little waist definition, flat hips and bottom)

Best Bouquet Choices: Medium to large teardrops or cascade, long stemmed arm-sprays.

Bouquets to Avoid: Small or round bouquets


Apple (Rounded shoulders, fullness around middle, flattish bottom, slimmer or average legs, average to big bust)

Best Bouquet Choice: Choose a bouquet to help slim your look; a cascade or teardrop will work well.

Bouquets to Avoid: Round posy designs.


They are the little show stealers of any event.

Posies - Always a great choice. A small mini version of the bride can be sooo cute.

Baskets - Filled with petals with a flower feature on the side so that when the basket is empty it is still pretty to look at, or fill them with flowers.

Moss Cones – For a great earthy natural feel.

Pomanders – Very cute, very traditional.

Flower swags/ Chains – Use these to keep little ones together, basically a chain of flowers and children. Great if you have very young children or a larger bridal party.

Wands – Great for young flower-girls. More entertaining than a posy, it will excite their imagination.


Bridesmaid’s bouquets should complement yours, so go for bouquets that are slightly smaller but not so small as to create problems for fuller figured bridesmaids, as mentioned above. If you are having junior bridesmaids, remember that they may be younger, but their posies should be sized to suit their size, not their age. If they are the same size as the other bridesmaids you should make all the bouquets the same size. Give your bridesmaids bouquets in colours to provide a lovely back drop to you and your bouquet, think enhancement not focus.


Helpful Tips:-

  • If your dress is simple use colour for some added punch.
  • Fashions are always changing but think of what suits you and your particular look, you don’t have to follow the crowd. You may end up leading the way rather than following
  • Think about your dress and don’t hide its best features.
  • Choose a bouquet you will be comfortable with, remember it is a long day!!
  • Relax when you are holding your flowers. Remember, posies can be held one handed. If you hold your flowers slightly to one side, slightly away from the dress, it will allow your dress to be seen.