Q. Why would I buy your flowers instead of real ones?

A. There are several reasons. These flowers will always look fresh, even in scorching summer temperatures, and our range is not affected by seasonal availability. You will have the peace of mind of seeing photos of your arrangements prior to delivery and have the option of requesting last minute changes. Your stress is further reduced because you receive your flowers well before your wedding day, so you don’t have to worry about whether they will turn up on the day, and be what you wanted. We deliver to anywhere in Australia that has postal service, including remote locations, so even country brides can have a full selection of flowers to choose from.

Q How soon do I have to order my flowers.

A. You should book your date as soon as possible. Like any other florist we do we book up very quickly for the busy periods. We require a 20% deposit when placing the order and you do not pay the balance until the work is completed and you have seen photos of your flowers, just prior to shipping.

Q. What are the flowers made of?

A. Most of our flowers are real touch artificial. This means that they are either made of latex or have a fabric base with a latex coating. This gives them a lifelike look and feel. In fact, you won’t be able to tell most of the flowers aren’t real until you touch them, and sometimes not even then. Many brides have sent me stories about people sniffing their flowers!

Some of the flowers in our range are fabric, but they will be the closest to the real thing that we can find and in some flowers types the fabric base is better suited to matching the real flower than ‘real touch’. We will always be up front with what will be used in your bouquet.

Q. How much will delivery be?

A. Delivery will vary we use fastway couriers.

Sydney - $20.00

Melbourne - $30.00

Adelaide - $35.00

Brisbane - $35.00

Perth - $45.00

Q. How do I store my flowers between delivery and my wedding day?

A. After you have checked your flowers place them back in the box, being careful not crush any of the flowers. Place them in a dry spot out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Try to handle them as little as possible, so they will be in prime condition on the day.

Q. What if my flowers have been damaged during delivery.

A. Contact us as soon as possible, we will ask for the damaged bouquet to be returned to us and send a replacement within a week. (As our flowers are delivered to you 4 weeks before the wedding we have plenty of time to do this). The flowers are very robust so this very rarely happens. As an indication it is about one in every 100 weddings that we have had a problem with, and we never had a problem getting a replacement to the bride in time for the wedding.