About Us

Hi my name is Diana Barnett and I am the owner and manager of Botanical Designs, I have worked in the floral industry for over 20 years. I really love what I do and I like to think this shows in my creations.

Why run a business online? Well, I used to own a flower shop in Adelaide, but after marrying, my husband’s work has meant that we have been on move for many years. I have done other jobs, but friends and family always say I am the happiest when I am creating, and I keep coming back to my flowers!

After having children I needed a more flexible option than a shop, and created Botanical Designs to let me do the thing I love within the life my family lives. Like many women, I balance working from home with family life, but this has meant I’ve been able to move the business when we have moved. That said, we’re hoping Canberra will be home for a while! Having an online business allows me to be home with my boys when they need me. This does not reduce my professional commitment to my clients: if anything it means that I work very long hours to make it all work.

I really enjoy creating individual bouquets to suit each client’s needs. I am very fussy with the products I source, and I will only source the best because I want your flowers to look as good as I can make them.  Whatever your style, inspiration or location, I look forward to working with you to help create your ideal wedding.

Kind Regards,