Roses Bouquets

Roses and Orchids - $245.00

This look has become a classic, white roses teamed with blue purple orchids. The bridesmaid can be the same as the bride or keep it just simple and white.

Add your own twist to this design we are happy to adapt the styling to suit you.

1 Bride 26cm

1 Bridesmaid 20cm

3 Buttonholes


Bridesmaids - $75.00

Buttonholes - $10.00

Corsages - $20.00



ROSE POSY PACKAGE - $399.00 + Delivery

 Real Touch Roses

  • 1 Brides Posy
  • 2 Bridesmaids Posy’s
  • 5 Button Holes
  • 2 Corasges
  • 1 Throwaway Posy

$399.00 + Delivery


  • Extra Bridesmaid $95.00
  • Buttonholes $10.00
  • Corsage $20.00

Create a look to suit your wedding, add other flowers and colours or just keep it simple.

                         White Roses and Touch of Blue      Aubergine Rose Posy                 Coral & Cream Roses, Lace Flower

White Roses Blue Orchids


Choose From the Colours Below


                                Blue                                  Yellow                                White                             Red

                                Purple                                 Pink                               Peach                           Cream/Ivory

                                Light Pink Rose                 Fuchsia                            Cream / Fuchsia              Coral

                                                                      Blue Moon                         Aubergine